ADSC Business Boost Bundle

ADSC Business Boost Bundle

ADSC developes custom knowledge engines that can power your sell cycle.

Markets emerge with or without us. We just have to be able to cognize how to serve them and make them useful to us.

Complex markets don't stand still long enough until we find our way within them. We either adapt or fail. It's not easy to find the usable data to sell into competitive markets. We have to leverage emerging & evolving patterns and parse what's useful and actionable information.

You can use Google or other advertising and media to get to a lot of people. The problem is that those people may not necessarily be decision makers, who are ready & able to buy.

We speak to decision makers directly without intervening gatekeepers. Our SwiftSel Methodologies are field-tested market understanding that has stood the test of time. Using SwiftSel we can translate complex issues into accessible communication that decision makers can like and trust. And therefore we can build a sustainable means of new account development.

We can also help your sales team to be ready for a 2015 level of market reaction. Markets are changing especially in the last few years extremely rapidly. We can provide both training & even knowledge engines that can assist your people in real-time to adapt to emerging & evolving market patterns.

Therefore we can help to simplify complex markets & provide with you a means with us of adapting to them for the future.

Our ADSC Business Boost Bundle can help to illuminate and enliven your markets globally. ADSC has now packaged some of the best of its services & knowledge engines into one combined package that can help you to power your markets.

ADSC Business Boost Bundle:

Executive Overview:

There are three inclusions sets to the ADSC Business Boost Bundle:

1. Marketing Plan Assessment - Using the SwiftSel Methodologies we can include an assessment of your marketing plan that comprehensively covers the vast majority of the things that our long wealth of research has shown to be important.

2. Market Plan Test - We don't provide mere assumptions on market reactions. Instead we can call actual decision makers in your markets and report in good faith how they react.

3. Market Plan Automation - Based on our findings we can embed in a knowledge engine the means for you and your team's ongoing sustainable adaptation to continuing emerging & evolving market patterns.

ADSC Business Boost Bundle Inclusions - Details Introduction:

For as little as less than $34 CDN per user per month (OAC*) you get:

Marketing Plan Assessment

Up to half a day of marketing plan assessment based on the decades of serious research that has gone into the SwiftSel Methodologies.

Market Plan Test

This is based on a best-efforts good faith rendering of results from actual discussions with decision makers in the equivalent of a forward seeking quality circle.

Market Plan Automation

We can include a combination of our highly customized knowledge engines, open source options for common business functions and optional inclusions from ADSC and our ADSC Partners based on the results of our Market Plan Test.

ADSC Business Boost Bundle - Detailed Descriptions:

You and your users get the following when you go with the ADSC Business Boost Bundle:

Customized Knowledge Engines:

ADSC Lighthouse Software - A serious natural language web based platform, with an AI core that allows for highly customized knowledge engines including the following:

  1. Automated Proposal Generation - Using intelligent documentation completion technology - your common proposal can be automated to cut the time for inquiry significantly, & then automatically create a complex highly customized proposal near instantaneously.**
  2. Auto-Scripting - Serious guidance for your sales for real-time conversations with your customers and prospects based on what has worked in the Market Plan Test. One full pitch included in the ADSC Business Boost Bundle.
  3. Customer Communications - Don't use legacy static survey solutions when a dynamic natural language capability on the web can better zero in on what your customers are thinking more deeply. This is another capability that includes one highly customized implementation to suit your needs.
  4. Dynamic CRM Write-Ups - Using our AI based dynamic natural language knowledge engine on the Web, to help your rep's to be deeper & more complete in their CRM notes. This system actually consults with a rep on a highly customized basis & then does a highly customized write-up. The rep can then either cut & paste the write-up into your CRM as a notes entry at no additional cost, or optionally we can connect this directly to your ADSC Business Bundle CRM, quote upon request.
  5. Time & Billing - You don't have to train your staff to handle this highly customized natural language capability. They just reply, by typing in their answers. This way, reporting can be greatly improved to your exact needs
  6. Coming Soon - Market Intelligence Software - Find sources of info on competitors, customers & vendors, & then ethically collate, distribute & find further internal sources of information within your organization. This is meant as a highly customized framework for such market intelligence.

Common Business Functions Automation Using Open Source Software:

  1. Mautic (The World's First Open Source Marketing Automation Platform) - Used by in excess of 800 companies around the world. This is a powerful & strong marketing automation platform with capabilities for tracking, Form's, landing pages, & general automation of the marketing process. It can warm a lead or number of leads to the point where it is worthwhile for them to be graduated to vTiger & your sales team, to take further. Together with ADSC's strong understanding of marketing touchpoints & workflow this can help to keep leads from falling off the table.
  2. a. We don't simply provide marketing automation. We actually setup one complete workflow meaning automation of your marketing cycle so you can have the value of that fact-based automation based on the Market Test to help guide your team.

    b. With many vendors simply using marketing automation alone can cost anywhere from $1,000 to several thousand dollars a month. Also, that doesn't get access to their consulting services. This bundle includes for a limited time our setup of one customized marketing workflow.

  3. CRM (vTiger - Which is based on the widely known & used SugarCRM) - Used by many thousands of users globally and based on the widely used SugarCRM this is serious Customer Relationship Management Software to power your sales & marketing.
  4. a. We don't simply provide CRM. We include one full workflow with one e-mail template in our ADSC Business Boost Bundle. So, going beyond simply having a rollodex in the sky into true Sales Force Automation is easy to achieve with ADSC.

  5. Wiki(MediaWiki) - Acts like a secure collaborative electronic blackboard & idea repository in order to brainstorm & gather ideas, within your team. Can also be used to classify & keep notes on competitors, customers & even vendors, etc. This is the tool of choice for many large and small groups both in the Private & Public Sectors for Operations Reporting & Classifications Repository.
  6. Helpdesk (Mantis) - for trouble tickets, support communications & coordination with this widely used helpdesk & dispatch software.

Additional Support And Infrastructure Inclusions:

  1. Phone Support - For the ADSC Business Boost Bundle and Common Windows Apps (Like MS Office)Upto 5 hours a month of phone support, with more & even onsite support*** available at very reasonable rates.
  2. A Separate Server - To Serve Your ADSC Business Boost Bundle Applications This is a virtual server without other tenants on your virtual server. You get a separate environment to support your Bundle.
  3. A Website**** that you can create suit yourself & also separately through an ADSC Partner E-Mail - You don't need a separate provider of your own for these kinds of things, as they will be included in the bundle including up to 15 e-mail users or the additional number of e-mail users that you pay for. For the included website this includes PHP, & jQuery support & can also optionally include extras like Postgres & MySQL (through MariaDB) support, as well as Qcubed applications framework & other available paid options upon request. Web development also available as a paid option if you require.

Additional Paid Options:

  1. Additional Users - Include all your sales, techical, customer service, Executive & other personnel that deal with your customers & prospects.
  2. Serious Sales, Prospecting and Customer Service SwiftSel based Training - For you and your team.
  3. Automation - Of more than just your main proposal including other contracts.
  4. Proposal & CRM connectivity to your other systems - Where feasible with additional web based custom database application development.
  5. Workshops by ADSC for you and your team on SwiftSel based Feed Forward Forecasting in Sell Cycles.
  6. Inclusions from a number of ADSC Partners - Coming soon.
  7. ADSC ethical Market Intelligence pattern recognition provisioning via machine learning algorithms can provide you with::

a. Sentiment Analysis to analyze available publicly available text about customers, prospects, competitors and others.

b. Capability to identify hidden trends in your own marketing data.

c. Machine learning technologies to ascertain hidden business rules within your business processes based on your available data.

d. And much more...

  • *Based On Approved Credit (OAC) & a minimum of upto 15 users per annum billed monthly. Setup fee of one additional month also required. More users available as a billable option priced accordingly.
  • **Upto 30 pages of customer proposal included with more pages available as an additional billable service. You provide your contract in document form either via Microsoft Word or document format. We can then work with you as you direct us how you want the final automated proposal to work.
  • ***Where available. More areas becoming available soon. Available now in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). More areas to be listed in this site as they become available.
  • ****Upto 1 TB of website transfer bandwidth per month will be provided as part of this bundle, with more available as a paid option.

Please call today while your inclusion in this ongoing business boost bundle is available.

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